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So Free Creations

Soleil Hat

Soleil Hat

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Put a spin on your wardrobe with these Bohemian Hats! Each unique fedora is carefully hand-painted, giving you a one-of-a-kind hat that's totally stylish (and totally boho!). Nothing says "I'm on trend" like these toppers with a personal touch. Rock it, hippie-style!

❤ In this Hat an elegant earthy design of the Sun and Moon that awakens a sense of witchy spirituality that honors the power they have over all of us.

❤ On the top, we added a delicate chain made with powerful Citrine Crystals which are associated with the sacral chakra. This chakra is vital for creativity and manifestation. An alert sacral chakra is important to awaken one’s abilities and creative imagination. Many believe that the stone’s energy flows into the bearer’s body directly from the sacral chakra, and then spreads into the solar plexus, enhancing one’s willpower.

❤ This hat will sure be worth looks and comments from others that resonate with these principles. Making it come true was a magical time and we are truly proud of the results!
✦Design: Part heat transfer, part hand painted.
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